1.  Name

There shall be a Computing Student Association (CSA), hereafter known as the Association

2.  Purpose

  1. To further the cause of Association members within UFV.
  2. To promote special and educational activities for Association members, and UFV students in general.
  3. Spreading of information of concern or interest to the members of the Association.


3.  Membership

  1. All Students of UFV shall be eligible for membership of the Association so long as they are in good standing with CSA and UFV SUS.
  2. Membership shall be granted to students based on the following:
  3. A student who is enrolled in any Computer Information Systems programs, including majors, minors, diploma programs, degree programs, or certificate course, shall be granted full membership onl.
  4. A student who is enrolled in any Computer Information Systems course, but not enrolled in any Computer Information Systems programs, shall be granted full membership only.
  5. A student who is not enrolled in any computer Information Systems program or course shall be granted associative membership, at the student’s request.
  6. A CIS alumnus/alumna who may, or may not be enrolled in any computer Information Systems program, or course(s) shall be granted associative membership, at the alumnuses/alumna’s request.
  7. Associative membership does not allow for an associative member to vote at any meeting of the Association, nor stand for election to any position on the Elective, excepting the Alumni Representative.
  8. Full membership allow an Association Member to vote at any Association meeting provided he/she satisfies 9.2, and to stand for election to any position on the Elective, excepting the Alumni Representative.
  9. Members may only be dismissed in the event that they violate the Constitution of the Association, abuse Association funds, or represent the Association in a way that conflicts with the decisions of the Association Executive.



4.  Executive

  1. The affairs of the Association shall be managed by an Executive comprised of:
  2. Signing Executive
    1. President
    2. Vice President
    3. Secretary
    4. Finance Officer
  3. General Executive
    1. Communications Manager
    2. Project Manager
    3. 3 General Representatives
  4. The Executive shall meet at least twice a month during the fall and winter semesters, the time and place to be determined by the Executive.
  5. The Executive shall meet at least once a month during the summer semester, the time and place to be determined by the Executive.
  6. A Special Executive meeting may be convened at any time by the President.
  7. The Executive shall have the power to make Regulation as it deems necessary, provided that Regulation does not conflict with the Constitution. Changes to Regulation must follow the rules set forth within Regulation, except where the changes are brought to a vote at a general meeting, in which case the procedure for constitutional amendments is followed.
  8. A member of the Executive shall cease to be a member of the Executive upon any occurrences of the following:
  9. He or she submits, in writing, his or her resignation to the Secretary.
  10. He/She is absent from 30% (or more) of scheduled meeting per one (1) year term.
    1. General Executive members who do not adhere to section 4.5.2 will no longer be allowed to vote at Executive meetings. They do not cease to be members of the General Executive, except upon occurrence of any other item in section 4.5.
  11. He/She ceases to be a full member of the Association.
  12. The Executive passes a resolution to dismiss the member by a unanimous vote of the full executive, excepting the member in question.
  13. If the President is on a Co-op term while holding office, the president must hand over his/her administrative role to the Vice-President. Any member on a Co-op work term must still adhere to section 4.5.2.
  14. The Executive shall have the power to appoint any full members, not currently serving as Executive members, for any vacancy occurring on the Executive.
  15. The signing executive members cannot hold more than one position within the association at any given time.
  16. The Executive shall have the power to appoint from time to time such officers and sub-committees, as it deems necessary. The duties of such officers and sub-committees shall be defined by the Executive to which the said officers and sub comittees shal be responsible.
  17. The Executive shall have the power to remove any member from the Association, if the vote for such a resolution is unanimous.


5.  Duties of the Executive

  1. Duties of All Executives shall include:
  2. Upholding the Constitution.
  3. Must not be on a Co-op work term for a period over one month, excluding the summer semester.
  4. Duties of the President shall include:
  5. Maintaining the Association’s good reputation through co-operative involvement with UFV’s Administration, Faculty, Staff, and Students.
  6. Ensuring that all Executive members uphold their duties as described in the Constitution, and take proper action, in accordance to current policy, when Executive members are in default of said duties.
  7. Keeping the membership informed about events and issues presented at Executive Meetings.
  8. Requesting an invitation to CIS Department Meetings, via CIS Department Head, and attending same.
  9. Requesting an invitation to CIS External Program Advisory Committee, via CIS Department Head, and attending same.
  10. Arranging elective to attend SUS meetings. At least one elective should attend each meeting.
  11. Duties of the Vice-President shall include:
  12. Assuming all responsibilities of the President in his/her absence.
  13. Maintaining the Association’s good reputation with the Abbotsford, mission, Chilliwack, Agassiz, and Hope communities.
  14. Keeping the Executive informed about events, and issues pertaining to members.
  15. Receiving permission from each instructor for appropriate representative(s) to introduce CSA, and the SCC’s services to each CIS class.
  16. Attending Student Life, Club and Association meetings whenever possible.
  17. Duties of the Secretary shall include:
  18. Prepare agendas and minutes for all Association meetings, and distributing to members as following:
    1. Agendas for Executive Meetings are to be made available to any member who requests a copy by email.
    2. Agendas for General Meetings are to be posted as described in 7.2 and 8.2
    3. Minutes for all meetings are to be made accessible to all members in a form agreed upon by the Executive.
  19. Preparing and posting all required notices for General Meetings, Executive Meetings, and other information for designated bulletin boards in cooperation with the Communications Manager.
  20. Issuing and receiving correspondence on behalf of the Association.
  21. Filing pre- and post- event reports with SUS should be done with the aid of the Finance Officer and must include the event financial statements as described in 5.4.5.
  22. Arranging food and beverages for both Executive and General Meetings, as deemed necessary by the Executive.


  1. Duties of the Finance Officer shall include:
  2. Preparing and maintaining all financial records for the Association, and presenting them in a report at each General Meeting. The financial records will be made available, upon request, during the General Meeting.
  3. Maintain the bank account of the Association, if such account exists outside of the Student Union society, as follows:
    1. Ensure the President, vice-President, Secretary and Finance Officer are registered with the bank as signing officers within two (2) weeks of the beginning of their elected term.
    2. At the request of the Finance Officer or when an Executive member steps down for any reason (including cessation of Executive membership or the election of a new Executive), the Executive may permit the bank account to carry less than its full complement of signors provided the account maintains the minimum number of signors required to operate.
    3. Ensure that the bank account requires a minimum of two (2) signing authorities for all withdrawals.
    4. After an Election and two (2) weeks into the next term, at the latest, the outgoing Executive must transfer signing authority to the newly elected Executive. The newly elected Executive must follow the rules of this section but cannot exercise spending authority before the start of their term.
    5. Ensure that upon any member’s cessation of Executive membership, the member is removed from the bank account as a signing authority, in accordance with section 4.5. If this should cause the number of signors to fall below the minimum number required, the Executive must appoint an Executive member as interim, in accordance with section 4.6, and register the interim member as a signing authority on the account.
  4. Assisting the Association in developing draft budget, and tentative plan of expenditures for each semester.
  5. Ensuring all withdrawals have been approved by the Executive, and at least two signing officers have endorsed all cheques written and withdrawals made.
  6. Filing pre- and post- event financial statements with SUS should be done with the aid of the Secretary and must be included in the event report to SUS as described in 5.3.5.
  7. Duties of the Communications Manager shall include:
  8. Promoting the Association and its services and events to members.
  9. Maintaining the Association’s website, ensuring content is up to date and relevant.
  10. Attendance at Executive meetings, and ensuring updates requested during said meeting is done in a timely fashion.
  11. Ensuring elective have accounts for the Association website.
  12. Preparing and posting all required notices for General Meetings, Executive Meetings, and other information for designated bulletin boards in cooperation with the secretary.
  13. Monitoring the Association designated bulletin boards, keeping them up-to date and removing non-approved postings.



  1. Duties of the Project Manager shall include:
  2. Finding and connecting Members who are interested in working on Special Projects.
  3. Assisting in acquiring resources and sponsorship for Special Projects.
  4. Promoting Special Projects on campus and in the world.
  5. Duties of the Representatives shall include:
  6. Maintaining contact with the membership and reporting to the Executive any issues and concerns from the membership.
  7. Participating in Association business including committees, event planning, special projects, etc.


6.  Finance

  1. There shall be one bank account in the name of the Association. This may be funds helds by the Student Union Society.
  2. All funds of the Association must be kept in one of the following:
  3. The possession of an Executive member
  4. A secure lock-box in a central place as agreed to by the Executive
  5. The Association’s bank account
    1. If such an account exists, at least two (2) of the members of the Executive listed in section will be signors on the account.
  6. The Association’s PayPal account
  7. The Treasurer shall keep proper records for the bank account and PayPal account of the Association and prepare financial statements of the Association’s financial affairs. This shall be done at the direction of the Executive for the financial report for General Meetings.
  8. The Association will maintain two (2) fiscal period as follows:
  9. Summer/Fall: June 1 to December 31.
  10. Winter/Spring: January 1 to May31,
  11. The two fiscal periods, summer/Fall of the previous calendar year and Winter/Spring of the current calendar year, shall constitute a single financial year for the purpose of reporting the Association’s financial affairs in section 6.5.
  12. The Treasurer shall prepare a statement of the Association’s financial affairs, which shall be duly audited by the Student Union Society’s Financial Administrator and forwarded to the student Union Society of UFV.
  13. The Executive shall not use funds from the Association at any given time for a purpose that is not directly related to the needs of the Association. Fund requests for needs directly related to the Association must follow section 6.7. Funds may not be used at any time for personal activities.
  14. Allocation of funds from the Association bank account must be approved by at least two (2) members of the Executive who are signors on the Association’s bank account. Allocation of funds must be for a reason that is directly related to the needs of the Association or has otherwise been approved by the Executive.




7.  General Meetings

  1. There shall be a General Meeting of the Association each year to:
  1. Receive a report from the Executive.
  2. Receive the audited financial report of the financial affairs of the Association for the previous year, and the budget for the following year.
  3. Accept nominations from the floor and hold an election to determine the Executive members for the term of October 1 to September 31 of the following year
    1. Executive members may only be nominated after being accredited at least 30 credits by UFV.
  4. Each General Meeting must be held after all necessary preparation work is complete and ready to be presented, within the first 30 days of the fall semester beginning .
  5. The secretary or Designate shall give fourteen (14) days notice of a General Meeting on the front page of the Association’s website and any relevant social media.

8.  Special Meetings

  1. The Secretary shall convene a Special Meeting of the Association:
  1. At the directive of the Executive.
  2. Within fourteen (14) days of a petition signed by one-third (1/3) of the total membership or ten (10) members of the association, whichever is the least, provided such a petition shall state the business to be discussed at the Special Meeting.
  3. The secretary shall give seven (7) days notice of a Special Meeting by means of notices placed around the UFV Campus in accordance with section 7.3.
  4. The Webmaster shall give seven (7) days notice of a Special Meeting on the front page of the Associations website.

9.  Voting

  1. The Chairperson at each meeting of the Association shall be the President, vice President, or a person eligible to vote, who is elected by a majority of group members at the meeting.
  2. Persons eligible to vote shall be:
  3. At Executive Meetings, members of the Executive, both signing and general; each Signing Executive member by default, and each General Executive member so long as that member adheres to section 4.5.2.
    1. If an Executive member who has lost their voting rights as per section wishes to regain them, he or she may petition the remaining Executive members to vote to reinstate their privileges. A majority vote is required.
  4. At General Meetings, those members of the Association present who hold full membership.
  5. The Chairperson of each meeting shall have a deliberative vote only.
  6. All questions before meetings of the Association shall be determined by a simple majority vote of those voting, except where stated otherwise in this Constitution.

10. Quorums

  1. The Quorum for an executive Meeting shall be half of all current Executive, rounded up if necessary.
  2. The Quorum for General Meetings shall be one-third (1/3) of the total membership, or ten (10) members of the association, whichever is the least, provided that for a Special Meeting called under section 8.1.2 of this Constitution, the quorum shall include at least ninety percent (90%) of the petitioning members.
  3. If quorum is not met in a General, Executive, or Special meeting within one half hour (30 minutes) of posted meeting start time, the meeting will be adjourned for one (1) week. If at the rescheduled meeting, quorum is still not met, the meeting and voting may proceed without quorum.

11. Alterations to the Constitution

  1. The procedure for altering this Constitution shall be:
  1. The proposed amendments shall be set out it full and posted around the UFV Campuses where CIS courses are offered.
  2. The amendments must be met with a two-thirds (2/3) majority of the voting members present at the General Meeting in order to be adopted.
  3. The Constitution is the official version of the constitution effective Oct 13, 2015. All future revisions to the Constitution must modify this section to reflect the date that changes take effect. All previous versions of the constitution are rescinded effective October 13, 2015.

12. Disbandment

  1. Should the Association be disbanded or in any way become defunct, that all assets of the Association shall be held in trust by the Student Union Society of UFV as a ledger entry until such time as the Association is reconstituted and re-affiliated, or for a period of five years. If after this period, the Association in not reconstituted and re-affiliated, the assets will be transferred to the Student Union Society. This clause cannot be altered unless approved by the Student Union Society.