Often there are items of the constitution that leave much open to interpretation. These regulations are necessary to avoid conflicts with the constitution, as circumstances change rapidly from one term to the next. However, it is also important to be able to maintain a set of detailed but flexible regulations that is subject only to the CISSA constitution. In accordance with CISSA Constitution section 4.4 the CISSA Executive has introduced CISSA Regulation into effect. CISSA Regulation is here to serve as a set of rules that is more detailed and more flexible than the CISSA Constitution. In order to alter CISSA Regulation, a passing vote by the current CISSA Executive is all that is required, provided the changes do not conflict with the CISSA Constitution. This provides a mechanism to create regulation around issues that apply only for a short term and can be modified according to the rules set forth in the CISSA Regulation.

1. Modifications to Regulation

  1. All modifications to regulation shall be approved by two thirds (rounded up) of the members present at an Executive Meeting.
  2. This is the official copy of regulation, effective March 20, 2012. All previous copies of CISSA Regulation are hereby rescinded. Modifications to CISSA Regulation require that the date of the last modification be used.

2. Expenditure of Funds

  1. Until a budget for the current term is presented for voting by the Executive, all expenditures of funds shall be voted on by the Executive.
  2. Once a budget is passed by the Executive, expenditure of funds in accordance with the budget may proceed without additional votes. Expenditure of funds not covered in the approved budget must still be voted on.
  3. Interpretation of an approved budget is done in consultation with the Treasurer, reference to meeting minutes in which the budget was passed, and finalized through signature of two executive members with signing authority.
  4. Except in a case where there are only two members with signing authority, the recipient of funds may not sign for the expenditure of those same funds.
  5. At the start of a meeting, the executives may vote to allow all CISSA Members present to be entitled to a free beverage from the fridge, unless veto’d by the Treasurer for financial reasons.

3. Student Computing Centre

  1. CISSA has been allocated the Student Computing Centre by UFV Administration and as such, is subject to restrictions set in place by UFV Administration. UFV Administration carries full authority over how room ABD224 will be utilized. The primary purpose for the SCC is to serve as an academic resource for students.
  2. CISSA will appoint a SCC Manager who will carry out the management of the SCC under the direction of the Executive.
  3. Priority for computer and network use in the SCC is given to the first person signed up for and serving the current scheduled time block, primarily for UFV-related activities. In the event more than one person is scheduled for a particular time block, priority is given to the student who has UFV-related school work to complete.
  4. The SCC Manager is to manage the installation and configuration of any computers that are attached to the Student Computing Centre and under the direction of CISSA. This person shall serve as the point of contact with ITS regarding computer issues, and will be the sole person granted privileges to install, and configure applications. Computers not owned by UFV should not be hooked up to the UFV network without prior written permission given from ITS management.
  5. Administrator passwords will be shared with the current CISSA President. User accounts, and passwords should be accessable by all UFV students. The Administrator password shall be changed if either the president, the SCC Manager, or both positions change persons.
  6. The SCC manager shall attend executive meetings, as deemed neccesary, to present CISSA elective with problems, complaints, or other information regarding the SCC.

4. CISSA Website

  1. Modifications to the website shall be done by the Webmaster, utilizing discretion granted by the Executive.
  2. The Webmaster shall be responsible for ensuring that the CISSA Executive is fully apprised of expiration dates and costs for services, such as domain registration and hosting, as well as moderation of content.
  3. The CISSA Website shall not be used for personal purposes. Sub-domains for any purpose other than official CISSA business shall not be permitted. Using the CISSA Wiki for academic use is encouraged, so long as CISSA is not represented in an unfavourable light.

5. Communications

  1. Any communications with UFV Administration, unless otherwise specifically directed by the Executive, shall take place through the President. In addition, all communications which express the wishes, requests or opinions of CISSA will only take place at the explicit direction of the CISSA Executive. All other communication with the UFV Administration involving personal wishes, requests or opinions shall be prefaced with a clear indication that the personal wishes, requests or opinions are not those of CISSA.
  2. At the beginning of their term, each each member of the Executive must make available one piece of contact information (email address, phone number) so that they may be contacted as required by the Executive. This contact information will be stored on the members corresponding wiki page, unless the member wishes the information to be kept private, in which case, the information will be stored in a secure location accessible by only the Executive.

6. Archives

  1. All CISSA records will be archived by a trusted third party, such as SUS, at the discretion of the Executive. Such records include, but are not limited to: CISSA Constitution, CISSA Regulation, SCC Contract, meeting minutes, list of petitioning members, financial information and records, incident logs, past club kits, login and password information, and website backups. In the case where the information must be kept secret, such information may be sealed prior to storage, but not irretrievably obfuscated.

7. Misc.

  1. No one is allowed to draw penises on their playbook during exec meetings.